CHLORELLA a perfect food


Chlorella, the most perfect food on Earth

As supplements go, chlorella is among the elite few that reside in the “Near Perfect” category. For a simple single-cell algae plant coming from fresh water, chlorella’s range of benefits is astounding. Chlorella will help you:

  • To detoxify your body
  • To nourish your body
  • To repair cells/ tissues
  • Improve your digestive system, including decreasing constipation
  • Focus more clearly and for greater duration
  • Promote a healthy pH balance 
  • Help freshen breath

Chlorella is a supplement comprised of whole algae, unlike most commercial vitamins. And, chlorella is superior to vitamin supplements in many ways.

Over the past several years, pioneering research led by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D, one of the world’s most knowledgeable physicians in mercury detoxification, has shed a blinding light on chlorella’s amazing detoxifying properties.

Far Superior to Typical Vitamin Supplements and Other Algae & Grasses

Chlorella is natural and the nutrients in it are bio-chelated, which means they are naturally wrapped in amino acids so the body will more readily take them in. Typical supplements, meanwhile, are nothing more than an amalgam of concentrates and extracts that have been artificially stitched together because — at least on paper — they look like they should provide balanced nutrition. Chlorella’s nutrients are naturally balanced and won’t accumulate in your body and become toxic — yet another reason they are superior to any man-made vitamin supplement.

Chlorella is also the superior of the three algae and two cereal grasses commonly available: chlorella, Spirulina, blue-green algae, wheat grass and barley grass. For instance, the chlorophyll concentration in Chlorella is 10 times more of the Spirulina and Wheatgrass!  Its tough cell walls provide advantages above the other four, including an outstanding ability to detoxify the body.

High-Quality Chlorella

Sun Chlorella A is produced by Sun Chlorella Corporation, a Japanese company with over 40 years experience in chlorella research and growth, and known worldwide for its high quality and purity.

The chlorella is ecologically grown in mineral-rich mountain spring water in the pure air and sunshine, without any pesticides. Concentration and purity meet the most rigorous Japanese health standards. It contains no sugar, starch, or artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

Storage, Dosage & Ordering Information

Chlorella consists of whole algae and as such is VERY perishable. So it needs to be stored properly.

The Sun Chlorella A comes packaged in an opaque plastic pack that is made from P.T.E plastic and also has ultraviolet inhibitors in the plastic to prevent UV light from penetrating and damaging the chlorella. This is crucial, as it prevents spoilage and the internal lining contains absolutely no metals that might taint the powder, unlike other brands.

After each use of the chlorella, you should be certain to keep the container absolutely air tight so that no air gets to the chlorella. Otherwise the fragile micronutrients can easily be damaged. Stored properly without any UV light exposure, and at cool temperatures and in an oxygen free environment, your chlorella can likely retain stability for two years, and possibly more.

This high-quality chlorella provides 300 tablets (60 grams, about 60 total doses) per container.

My recommended dosage is generally three grams per day. As each 5 tablets contains 1000 mg, that is 5×3 tablets per day, so these packages provide you about a 20 day supply of this pure chlorella. I recommend taking the chlorella before meals on empty stomach with a full glass of water.

Important Note: When your body detoxifies impurities you may experience a period of discomfort as these importunities are “flushed” from your system. Because chlorella is such a powerful detoxifier, I urge people with high toxicity in their body and especially the ones living in highly toxic environments to begin their chlorella regime gradually over the first few days to weeks and build up to my recommended dosage.

If you experience fatigue, lethargy, irritability, nausea or other uncomfortable conditions when starting with chlorella, try reducing the amount you are taking and build up even more slowly, as these may be symptoms associated with your body cleansing itself. However, if the symptoms are severe, or if they persist despite very low initial quantities of chlorella for the first few days, stop your chlorella regime and discuss with your personal medical practitioner.

Also please note that if you are a protein metabolic type, these problems might be more severe and you should start much more slowly with one tablet per dose and increase it very carefully and slowly. Carb types seem to do much better with chlorella.

Caution: A small percentage of people cannot tolerate chlorella. If at anytime one develops nausea or starts “burping up” the chlorella taste constantly, then the chlorella should be stopped immediately as a food sensitivity is developing that will only worsen if you continue taking it.

DR. PARVIZ RASHVAND ND (#AlternativeMedicine in Dubai)

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2 Responses to CHLORELLA a perfect food

  1. madrid says:

    Years ago I used Chlorello pills, but I only tried it for a very short time. I recently started taking it again. The store I purchase it only carries the pulverized form, which I now think is prob better. My comment is about when to take it. I think before I took it on an empty stomach, the same I would do if I were taking Cilantro or ACV, but on the package it says to take it with a meal, which is what led me to searching. I’m curious why it recommends taking with a meal, and if there is less benefit if taking on empty stomach. I can e-mail the company for an answer, but I thought I would search hoping to find quicker results. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Regan says:

    What’s up all, here every person is sharing these experience, therefore it’s good to read this website, and I used to go to see this weblog everyday.

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