DR. PARVIZ Relaxation Techniques

Meditation that brings the body, mind and soul in one

This is a wonderful and easy meditation which will take only a few minutes of your time only and it is therefore easy to be done by almost everybody! You can do this anytime during the day when you have a few minutes of spare time. But it is the best to do it at night while on bed trying to fall asleep. If you find this practice suitable and pleasant, you can do it as often as you desire and as long as you want it to. What is needed the most is only doing it once for at least 2 minutes at the time.

There are preparations required for this meditation. So the steps 1 and 2 below are for that and the last part is the actual mediation! They are:

  1. Sit relax with your feet together. Now deeply breathe a few times into your stomach, not the chest. Let the air go down into your abdomen. Repeat this step for 3-4 times.
  2. Now close your eyes while your body is relaxed, picture yourself while you are sitting or lying down. At this time try to feel your feet inside your shoes, feel each of your toes and how your sole is pressed inside. Now try to feel the back of your legs, your buttocks and your back (like it’s resting on a bed or on a chair). Keep yourself relaxed as you feel your surroundings, feel the temperature of the room on your skin, listen to all sounds that you hear. Feel each part of your body keeping them relax (eps your chest, abdomen, shoulders and neck). Relax your jaw now!
  3. This time you are ready for the final step. This technique involves your imagination! Try to imagine that you are a movie director with a new project in hand. It is about making a movie about you this time, and that movie is about the story of your life. Imagine your life and how it would be if you were born today! Imagine you were born just today. A brand new person, 1 day old only! You are who you are and only one day old. So you haven’t experience anything yet. There is no yesterday, no last week, last month or last year. Imagine, there is no past, you just came to the world and nothing to worry about! No bad experience, haven’t felt bad or sad ever yet, and never been broken or lost! Imagine yourself as a one-day old person, fresh, new and carefree. Stay on this feeling (2-3mins or more)!

Dr. Parviz Rashvand ND

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