Human body contains every form of energy which exists out there in the universe including the subtle, magnetic and electrical forces and so on. The energy field of a human body is another version of the same person since it reflects the quality of the functions in that specific individual. This means that the information about any and every function of the body exists in the energy fields of that person! For instance when you are angry, sad, worry or happy, the parameters of the fields of energy varies very specifically to express the real feeling deep inside, even if the person tries to hide his emotions at that time! We see similar reaction in the biochemistry of the body too!

The medical use of the science of Quantum Mechanics in physics is a 21st century tool helping trained physicians to understand the functions of the human body in a deeper and more meaningful way. It is therefore easily possible to determine the food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances without hurting the client at the time of the testing. No needling or no blood is required!

At the same time, it is fast, accurate and profound. Additionally, it gives the idea to understand the cause of the imbalances in that individual so it could be treated more efficiently!

This method of testing is absolutely non-invasive and very accurate with no adverse effect and it is suitable for infants, babies, children, pregnant women and everyone else.

It is like letting the body talk!!! What could be more interesting and reliable than that.

Dr Parviz Rashvand

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