Can neurological accidents or diseases such as CVA or stroke be reversed?

Do you know of a loved one who is suffering from the symptoms of stroke?Scalp Acupuncture

I lost my own father after a massive stroke which happened to him at the age of 70. In 6 years after that, he deteriorated more and more to the level of vegetation life just before he passed on. It was a heart breaking and difficult experience for the entire family watching their loved one melted away little by little and at that time,there was nothing moreI could do to stop that even though I was a Naturopathic doctor knowing acupuncture and natural remedies. I always thought about what I was missing to stop that or even reverse his condition!

Until sometime in January 2015 when I met a Chinese doctor,Dr Jason Haoin a conference in Dubai. Dr Jason was a pioneer in Chinese Medicine in the US about 30 years ago. He in his presentation showed how he and his teacher discovered that through some special points on the scalp, it is actually possible to have access to various parts of the brain through special techniques. This was not acupuncture though because it worked on other ways than energy meridians.

He later on thought me his technique of scalp acupuncture to help people with neurological accidents. This method is effective on not only stroke patients but others with advanced MS, different paralysis, dysphasia, some cases of spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, motor neuron dysfunctions and diseases, phantom pain, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and so much more!

The technique is not too complicated and most of the time, it brings magical results depending on the severity of the degeneration,

Dr, Parviz Rashvand ND


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