What are cancer cells and were they come from?

Breast cancer prevention


Certainly not from the space. They are our own cells but somehow turning into cancer cells, kicking and hurting other tissues cells. The question is what is making our normal cells to become cancer cells? It is the environment! Don’t you agree?

So something changes in the environment of the body which results in supporting cancer creation. It could be (bio) chemical, acidity (pH), contaminations (plastic, etc), radiation (cell phone), unresolved mental/ emotional factors, or others.

Therefore, if the environment changes in a way it couldn’t support the cancer(in the favor of health), so the cancer should stop.

What alkaline diet, supplements, stress reduction, meditation, heavy metal or and other forms of detox, meditation and others do is just to change the environment ultimately. For instance, when you are not stressed, your pH is less acidic.

Some cancer treatments are designed to kill everything including the cancer cells. This sounds like chemo therapy or radiation. Some others kill only the cancer cells whereas some target the bugs causing the normal cells to become cancer cells. Professor Royal R. Rife did that and he had such a massive success early in the 1930’s.

Now with the help of the new science of Nano technology, it is possible to alter the body environment by affecting it through the gravitational and magnetic forces. Nothings will be felt by the client.

When the environment is changed (at the physical, mental, emotional and other levels), the tumour could no longer act as cancer and will fall apart.

Dr. Parviz Rashvand ND

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