Pain is the body’s mechanism for alerting the conscious mind of a problem. It could be acute (sympathetic) or chronic. The latter is the way for the body to show that it is not happy with something. In Chinese medicine diagnosis, pain is the result of stagnation of energy when the energy flow is compromised and it could be due to excess (worse with pressure) or deficiency (better with pressure). It could also be acidic or alkaline!

Pain could be as a result of an organ malfunction at the physical level or could be created by mind of the person affecting the organs or the body parts. Whatever the pain is, to cure, it is crucial to understand the origin of it.

Taking painkillers might help temporarily but it can never address the origin of the pain. Painkillers at the same time carry side effects including bleeding of the stomach and gut, toxicity of the liver or even addiction.

Pain 2

To treat pain, it is important to bring the body’s structure and function back to normal. Structural alignments such as PIDDDS relieve excessive pressure on the nerve roots allowing a better circulation of the blood and fluid within the tissue.

To adjust biochemistry of the pain, Quantum technology such as INDIGO EPFX could do wonder is revealing what needs to be fixed. The area to look for include toxicity of the body fluid and blood, energy stagnation within the meridians and organs, blockages in the aura and chakra system, food allergies and sensitivities, emotional blockages and unresolved mental factors. Nutritional deficiencies such as depletion of magnesium, as well as many forms of vitamin deficiencies (i.e. the group if B vitamins) could also have a great deal with persistent pain.

When blockages happen at the vital body where the blueprint of the vital body dictates the organ function and the emotional integrity, pain can easily manifest onto the physical body through wrong energy effects. This is where techniques such as acupuncture, homeopathy and quantum biofeedback could become handy

The newest technology of all for treatment of pain is the use of Plasma energy. Discovered by a highly gifted nuclear physicist, plasma energy has the ability to rectify the imbalances in the structure, as well as the emotion of the human to create balance. Health is the state of balance.

Plasma Pain Pen is one of the newest pain treatment devices which we no side effect, it helps releasing the original cause of the pain if it is localized. It is highly suitable for all the ages especially children to help with the local pain. Unless the underlying tissue has massive complication, the efficacy of the pain treatment by using the Plasma Pain Pen is very high with mostly permanent result if used repeatedly.

Dr Parviz Rashvand, ND

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