Ozone Therapy and Cancer Prevention

Ozone Therapy and Cancer Prevention

Cancer is NOTHING but a simple infection. It happens when the cells stop sending
the right signals, basically when the communication between cells are
Every one of us develops about 70 different cancers in our bodies every day. We are
made of about 50 trillion cells, operating together in harmony for a single cause, to
stay in balance. 50 trillion is a large number to perceive! Imagine you carry cells
equal to the populations of 7000 planet Earths together in you! Wow!! This is
astonishing! To keep the harmony and balance, which is the health, the body needs
to know how every cell is doing and the cells need to know what to do to support
this magnificent body to stay healthy! In an experiment, they put a single, very
primitive prokaryote bacterium (without a nucleus) in the centre of a growing dish.
First, they added a single drop of food to one corner and then a single drop of a
toxin. After about one hour or so, when they checked back again, they saw the
bacteria moved towards the food or away from the toxin! How was that possible?
The distance for that bacterium to see of the drop was food or toxin was too far. But
how did it understand which way to move to, towards to food or away from the
toxin! It is all about the “cellular communications”! Basically, it seems
the bacterium is aware of its environment, despite its primitive structure!!!
Of course, the same thing happens in us among our cells and it is much more
complicated than what happened in that little simple bacterium! The ultimate
cellular component responsible for that is the membrane (the brain) of the cells!
In a healthy body, when a cell become cancerous due to mutations, the signals are
recognized immediately by the soldiers of the immunity (the white blood cells) and
the abnormal cell is eradicated instantly! In cancer patients, however, this natural
process is missed and it therefore results in growing tumors over the years!
What makes the cellular membranes susceptible to

Of course any insult resulting in destruction of the membrane structure is the cause.
These insults include toxins (such as heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs and plastic
byproducts), malnourishments, as well as biophysical insults such as microwave
radiation (i.e. mobile phones), X-rays, Gama and ultraviolet radiation and so on.
Emotional predisposition to cancer is also a major factor when people believer
subconsciously in self-destruct!

However, at the core of these factors, there is an issue with the Lack of Oxygen
Utilization! This is when oxygen cannot be reached to the core of our cells. Basically, like many people who eat very healthy but still suffering from nutritional
deficiencies, or many others who drink plenty of water but still dehydrated and thirsty
all the time, oxygen could also not be absorbed or reached to the cells properly! This
means a low-grade suffocation process at the cellular level! So basically our cells fall
into a cascade of destruction due to the lack of oxygen available to them!

What does oxygen do in our body?

Oxygen is the most used element by our bodies, of course! When it reaches the cells,
after passing through the membrane of the cells (cellular breathing), it enters the power
house of the cells, an organelle called “Mitochondria” to combine with fatty acids or
glucose to produce energy. The energy is then stored in us in a form of a biochemical
compound called ATP. It is what we all need ultimately to be called a living entity!!! A
more quality of ATP production is a better health and less disease. As a matter of fact,
according to Frank Shallenberger MD, the No 1 man in Ozone therapy in the US, the lack
of oxygen utilization is responsible for almost 99.9% of any chronic or auto-immune
diseases including cancer in us!

About 60% of the entire ATP production in us is used to maintain the cell membranes
and the rest is to be used for everything else! So the health of the cellular membrane
depends of the sufficient amount of ATP to be produced and that depends on a good
oxygen utilization by our cells.

What else does cancer need to remain?

Cancer cells need a special environment to grow. It should have:
• Very low oxygen (cancer is anaerobic)
• High acidity (health is alkaline, and all the good bacteria too!)
• And a compromised energy circulation (blockage). The 5000 year old
philosophy of acupuncture is based on that notion!
If these factors are changed, the cancer CANNOT GORW anymore!!! The outcome of
cancer grow could therefore be changed by changing some basic factors. So if you
are in a high risk for cancer, if you are facing cancer in the family or have been a
cancer survival, there are more hopes how than ever before!

The Art of Prevention and its Effectiveness

Prevention is the easiest and most reliable way to stay away from diseases, including
premature aging! It is the cheapest and most effective way. In a world of overwhelming
stress and diseases such as cancer and diabetes, people should protect themselves and
their loved ones, only not by following a better life-style (including better food choices,
rest and exercise which are crucial factors), but to make sure the level of oxygen stays
high in their cells at all time. This is different than having oxygen only in the blood! It is
the ability to use oxygen by the cells! Intravenous application of ozone/ oxygen, in the form of ozone is the best way to reach
that goal. The results are imminent and it carries NO adverse effect whatsoever! Try it
for yourself and you will be surprised with how it makes you feel!

By: Dr Parviz Rashvand, ND
Synergy Integrated Medical Centre

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