Ozone Therapy and Type-2 Diabetes

Ozone therapy and the Type-2 Diabetes

A Life-Modification Approach!
Diabetes is nothing BUT a disease of Low Energy Production!!!
When it comes to the treatment of diabetes today, almost everyone talks about
diet, exercise and of course some form of medications, weather chemical or natural.
Many patients also take more than one diabetic medications and follow a restricted
diet. However, there are still big fluctuations in their sugar reading all the time.
Why diet and medications are not enough in the majority of these cases?
Diabetes is said to be a “metabolic disorder”, meaning that with diabetes, there
is something wrong with metabolism. This is, of course, handling the sugar!
In a normal body function, glucose (a simple sugar) is absorbed through the lining of
the digestive system and sent ultimately to various cells as a source of fuel. When
reached to the cells, a door should open to allow the glucose molecule to enter. This
process is managed by a hormone called Insulin when attached to the right
receptors by the expense of ATP, the stored form of energy in our body! Here
we go, this is the key.

The type 2 diabetes happens when the Insulin cannot attach itself to the cellular
receptors properly, either due to the insufficient amounts of Insulin OR something
else blocking this process.

Today, it is proven that there is enough insulin in the majority of thetype-2 diabetics,
but apparently not functioning properly. The final reason is the lack of ATP or the
stored energy since the attachment of insulin to the receptors is an ATP-dependent
process! This is where a lot of help can be done.

Why ATP become insufficient in diabetics

Our bodies need energy at all time for everything you can imagine from sleeping to
thinking and detoxification to basically being alive! So we are energy-dependent
entities with a never ending need for it. Energy in our body, therefore, must be
produced and be available at all time and it is stored in the form of ATP!
ATP by itself is created when food such as glucose of fatty acids are burned inside
the cells by the presence of OXYGEN! Therefore, the ultimate goal of oxygen is to
provide energy to our cells. So we breathe all the time! However, like many who eat
well and drink enough water but suffer from nutritional deficiencies and thirst, cells
could become deprive of oxygen too despite the constant breathing! The result is
the “Lack of Oxygen Utilization” by our cells. If cellular oxygen demand is
addressed, normal life processes will be restored including a proper glucose metabolism! Some simple Ozone therapy techniques could change the
outcome of diabetes in susceptible people dramatically and very fast.

Other factors promoting the type 2 diabetes:
1. If the amount of the sugar consumed exceeds the maximum ability of the
body to handle! This could basically burn the system!
(In these modern days, there is more purified sugar in the daily food than
ever before, basically due to high processing and refining techniques.)
2. People nowadays eat more than what they need and move less due to
various reasons. (If you move more, you will burn
3. Excessive fat in the obese will cause resistance to insulin, so you will need
more insulin to do the job. There is also more fat storage in the body of
people who keep more toxins in them.
4. Toxins are everywhere around us and it seems it is getting worse. They are
overwhelming our environment (and the boy).
(To give you some statistics, the water, food and air around us is having more
toxic elements than ever before. There are over 8000 chemicals used in the
US food industries. They include hormones, pesticides, herbicides, artificial
colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers and so on, being added to our food
constantly. This also creates an extra pressure on our liver since it is the filter
of the blood responsible for removing the toxins! When the blood is not
cleaned up properly, the whole body slowly will be embedded in toxic loads
causing abnormalities in the normal functions.)
5. Diabetes in the Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered as “Spleen Qi
Deficiency”, or “weakness in the gut”, an important fact to consider.
6. Health is a state of balance and it not just the absence of diseases! Balance
within different parts of the physical body, as well as between the emotions,
mind and spirit.
7. Diabetes is triggered also by the presence of hidden microbes in the vital
organs of digestion, a sub-clinical infection. Diabetes is famous to have
something with fungi!
8. There is also an emotional background beneath any chronic disease in us and
about diabetes; it is “the lack of sweetness in life”.
9. Another issue to consider is the wrong eating habits, “the Rules of
Stomach”. If violated which is the case in many people, it makes the
digestive system to become vulnerable to exhaustion and fatigue and also
microbes since it compromises the defense and balance!
The treatment for diabetes should also include education and awareness of the
patients since it the people’s responsibility to take care if their own health and
without sufficient attempts and knowledge, it is not very much possible for others to
take care of our problems.

Dr Parviz Rashvand, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Synergy Integrated Medical Centre

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