Healing Wounds and Preventing Premature Ageing

Oxygen Healing
Oxygen is the most used elements by our body.  The final use of breathing is to supply enough oxygen to the core of the cells, allowing them to burn food. The capacity of the cells in using oxygen is called “the Oxygen Utilization”.
Nutrients such as fatty acids, glucose and amino acids are combined with oxygen in Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells, to produce and store energy.
We need energy for everything from breathing itself to sleeping, thinking, digestion, movements, etc.  The energy is used to maintain the body temperature and ATP production (the stored form of energy) so it becomes available anytime it is needed.
Almost 60% of the total ATP in our body is for sustainable cellular repair and to keep our cell membrane functional.  If ATP is not produced in sufficient amounts, our ability to heal and rejuvenate our cells will be compromised. So we go through more cellular errors and therefore predisposition to diseases and premature ageing!
Therapies such as ozone application will supply large amounts of oxygen right into the core of the cells. It hence heals the body well from degenerations without causing any side effect.
According to Frank Shallenberger, MD, the number one man in the US for Anti-ageing and Preventative Medicine, 99% of the real cause of any chronic and degenerative (i.e. cancer and auto-immunity) or metabolic disease (such as diabetes) is just the lack of Oxygen Utilization!
Dr Parviz Rashvand ND.

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