A Case of Colorectal Cancer

I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in late 2010 at the age of 34.

I had always been fit and active and although I had felt unwell for some time, being informed that I had cancer hit me like a sledgehammer. After the initial shock, came the anger and the even the feelings of guilt that it was somehow my own fault.

I received an outline of my treatment which was to comprise almost a full year of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy and started treatment almost immediately. It initially felt as though I was only a passenger on this journey and that all I could do was hold on and hope for the best.

After struggling through the brutal side effects of radiation which was only the first stage of my treatment plan, I received a recommendation to see Dr Parviz at the Synergy clinic who immediately began to ease my fears as he educated me on all aspects of cancer from how it develops to how it can be treated just like any other disease.  He explained how the body is designed to fight off disease and infections and it often just needs a helping hand by making sure we put the correct things into our body and focusing the mind and energy on what is important. He introduced me to the quantum machine which tests your body by transmitting electrical signals that resonate with your cells, tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergies. It helped to address issues and rebalance my body. From the findings of the machine I changed my diet and was prescribed natural supplements to oxygenate and reduce the acidic levels in my body. I recovered from the radiation very quickly and felt far more positive about my future.

After much research, I concluded that I would continue with the original treatment plan of surgery followed by chemotherapy but would complement this with the naturopathic treatments to help rid my body of the disease. Chemotherapy of course attacks healthy as well as cancerous cells and thus causes some severe side effects which can leave you feeling as though the cure is worse than the disease. However, by following the naturopathic plan, the side effects were greatly reduced and I strongly believe that my subsequent recovery was enhanced due to the alternatives we investigated and tailored to my situation.

It is now over 2 years since my diagnosis and I am now cancer fee and the healthiest I have felt in years. I strongly feel that DrParviz empowered me to appreciate that I was not just a passenger but could positively influence my mind and body to rid itself of this disease.

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