Dr Parviz has a unique and effective way of treating allergies of all sorts. He has helped me and my son manage our allergies in a way no one else has been able to. His amazing knowledge, experience and understanding have served us incredibly well in improving our immune systems and dealing with our allergies and intolerances. Dr Parviz uses only natural ways of healing that I believe can only benefit the human body and mind. After following the suggested treatment we saw immediate results. Our (my son and mine) energy levels improved almost immediately and we were able to cope hundred times better than before. Our digestive function improved and the ability to absorb nutrients from food too. After following a diet advice, my son’s eczema improved a lot and he can now have a restful night without scratching his legs constantly.

It is simply amazing the work Dr Parviz does and the results we’ve experienced. I sincerely hope that more people are able to reach him and get the help and achieve the results we have.

D. W.

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