My daughter had a very severe form of eczema between age 2 and 4. The areas affected were on her arms, behind the knees and under the neck. It was on and off during the period of almost 2 years with a lot of itching and scratching. She would scratch even at night time and her quality of sleep and the mood in general was compromised as it was causing a lot of stress to her body. We were avoiding swimming in the pool as the eczema would aggravate and we didn’t use any commercial bath foams as the chemicals would severely affect her skin. The conventional treatment involved the creams with steroids only. I realized that the side effects of such treatment were much stronger (the skin on her arms started to bleach) and were treating the symptoms only without addressing the core issue. Moreover, the periods between skin eruptions became shorter and it looked like she would be on steroids for a lifetime. The answer I would get is that asthma, eczema and allergies are very common in children today and felt I needed to seek an alternative treatment. It was a vicious circle that was repeating without any clear sign of her health improvement.

After we started seeing Dr. Parviz, he helped her after only one session, but also explained very thoroughly why this was happening. He explained the reason behind eczema and why her digestive and immune systems were compromised. During the Quantum Assessment, he realized that she had a toxic overload (that is apparently very common nowadays due to number of reasons) which has been eliminated through her skin. He also addressed food intolerance to some food items which when undigested, created more toxins. Once we started to eliminate the food causing problems and cleansed her system with nutritional supplements, her immune system was instantly enhanced and the eczema was gone.

The treatment with nutritional supplements of the highest quality was 3 months long (3 times a day) and required a lot of patience as her condition would go up and down due to detoxification process, until if finally settled and now for more than a year she has been fine, without any sign of eczema. It is important to mention that the treatment is non invasive and it stimulates the body to heal itself by eliminating all the bad items that are causing problems.

Dr. Parviz says that we have “emptied the cup” and we could expect that it will continue to fill again, but now I am much more aware of the importance of nutrition and what we should avoid to maintain her health. Quantum Assessment has shown that she should avoid anything containing food additives, preservatives, colorings etc. I have to say that she is a much happier child which enjoys swimming a lot. Her immune system now is strong and she doesn’t have that many colds and flus as she used to have, so I can say that there are certainly more benefits after the treatment.

Thank you Dr. Parviz, your protocol was very successful and I would recommend it to every parent who’s child is suffering from eczema, allergies, food sensitivities, intolerances etc.

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  1. Gulia says:

    Hi! Does Dr.Parviz treats the intestinal parasites? Thank you

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