Testimony of V. M. Female diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma (An Aggressive form of skin cancer)

“I started working with Dr Parviz in August of 2007.  I had returned to Dubai following surgery for a brain tumour.  I am a cancer patient with Malignant Melanoma which is, for me, incurable.  I had 2 major attacks of disease with in 6 months of each other and my prognosis was not good for the future.  It was believed that I would suffer another major attack inside of 12 months because the disease had progressed to the brain.  Keen to make my health as good as possible after receiving radiation treatment, I started working with Dr Parviz.  I am pleased to report that 18 months have passed since my last surgery and I am currently well and healthy.

Dr Parviz and I worked on many areas of my health including energy levels, exercise, diet and nutrition.  Supplements were also suggested for me and I still take some of them now.  Our sessions started from twice a week and over a period of 1 year settled down to once every 6 weeks.  I think back to how I felt physically then and how I feel now and the difference is enormous.  I am monitored very closely by my medical team here in the UK and they continue to be pleased with my progress.  I believe that a combination of conventional and non conventional approaches to the management of my disease is the reason I am doing so well.  I try to follow the principles that Dr Parviz taught me and follow the advice he has offered me through out the time I have known him.  I will continue to do so as this will help me manage my disease and give me the best possible chance of survival.  I am extremely grateful to Dr Parviz for his time and his expertise.”

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