My Journey to Health by Wendy Minto

Oct. 2012

At the age of 42, a gastroenterologist diagnosed me with a rare autoimmune disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.  I was told that in 5, 10 or 15 years I would need a liver transplant but if I got cancer first then I would not be eligible for a transplant.  I was told that little was known about this disease and that there was nothing that could be done to prevent the progression of scarring in my liver bile ducts which would eventually block the flow of bile.  I was prescribed medication that would not prevent the further advancement of the disease but would make the bile flow more easily through my bile ducts.  Conventional medicine had nothing more to offer.

I was devastated.  I had 2 young children.  I wanted to watch them grow, get married and have children.

At this point I decided to take my health into my own hands.  I was determined that I could make a difference.  I was not going to be a statistic.  Thus my journey through complementary medicine began.

I began to see a naturopath shortly after my diagnosis but after several years had limited success.  I reached a point where my health was not good.  I had lost weight and couldn’t regain it.  I had increasing food intolerances.  My brain felt “foggy” most of the time.  My energy and strength were low.  I would sleep 10 hours and wake still feeling tired. I was chronically constipated.  I had allergies.  I could no longer work.  When I went to my GP for blood work the results showed elevated levels of a cancer tumor marker.  The gastroenterologist said that these levels were not conclusive.  He recommended further testing in 6 months.  In 6 months?!  I was not going to wait.  I found a new naturopath, Dr. Parviz Rashvand.  This is when my health began to turn around.

Using Quantum Therapy and urinalysis Dr. Parviz was able to tell more about my state of health than any GP or specialist had ever done.  He detected cancer.  He also detected viruses, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and more.  He determined that my body was acidic which he explained is a precursor to disease.  We began a journey together that took almost 2 years.  I know that 2 years seems forever, but I knew I had not gotten sick in a day and that I had years of poor health to recover from.  Dr. Parviz treated me with Quantum therapy weekly.  I would feel more tired for a few days after treatment as all of the toxins would die off.  He used the Frequency machine, which targeted specific treatments such as boosting immune system and liver function.  Again, I would feel tired for a few days after treatments.  I began taking supplements to help strengthen and nourish my body.  I began avoiding various foods based on the findings of Quantum Therapy.  This was the really difficult part because at one point there were only a few foods that were allowed on my diet.  I followed an 8-day protocol where I mixed three liquids together and rubbed the mixture onto my skin as an anti cancer treatment.  It was tedious, but Dr. Parviz had already done more for me than any other health care professional so I persisted.  With time I continued to slowly improve but certainly didn’t feel 100 %.  Dr. Parviz referred me to a Kinesiologist.  Using muscle testing she determined further weaknesses in my body and mind.  She and I began releasing some of the emotional baggage that I had stored over a lifetime.  This was exhausting but I knew that holding emotions leads to disease so I was happy to do the work.  The Kinesiologist referred me to a Life Coach and Energy Healer for alternating treatment.  Using Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Barbara Brennan Healing the Energy Healer began opening my energy blockages.  Because I had been unwell for so long this continues to be an ongoing process.   My well being was beginning to improve greatly with the energy work particularly once I took Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu courses and began to apply the art to myself daily.  Three years after beginning treatment with Dr. Parviz, my Liver Function Blood Tests were beginning to return to normal, my energy had improved greatly, I was sleeping well, my food intolerances were alleviated, my constipation was relieved and my mind was clear.  The allergies, which I had suffered from for 30 years, were completely gone.

Dr. Parviz recognized that a curvature in my spine was likely restricting my complete recovery.  My vertebrae were “crushing” nerves and blood vessels compromising nerve function and circulation in my body.  He recommended that I have PIDDS treatment for spinal alignment.  This is an adaptation of Dorn Therapy.  While doing specific exercises a therapist gently “flicks” muscles along the spinal column to awaken nerve function, blood supply and lymph drainage.   When I was 21 and then again when I was 45 years old, an orthopedic surgeon told me that nothing could be done to improve the “S” curve that had developed in my spine during my teens.  Within 3 months of beginning spinal alignment I gained 5.5 kg, all of which was muscle.  I had been extremely underweight for 6 years and nothing I did before spinal alignment allowed me to gain weight.  I was also able to tolerate many foods that had been on my avoid list, my constipation was completely relieved, my skin became softer, healthier and more glowing.  I had more energy because now my body was able to absorb the food that I was feeding it.  My spine became 65% straighter.  My Liver Function tests were completely normal for the first time in 17 years!  My cancer tumor marker blood test was within the “normal” range.  I had overcome cancer without the devastating side effects of chemo and radiation therapy.

Seventeen years after my initial diagnosis and four and half years after my first visit to Dr. Parviz, my gastroenterologist cut my medication in half and told me that I would not need a liver transplant.  Music to my ears!


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  1. Awesome and inspiring story! It’s wonderful that Dubai has doctors who recognise that healing involves the spirit and mind, not just the body. Congratulations Wendy.

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