Over All Well Being


The past five years have been a struggle for me health wise. I have been in and out of clinics, hospitals, pharmacies because of various inexplicable sicknesses: regular bouts of flu, incessant dry cough, allergies, and more. It has taken a serious toll on my overall well-being, including emotionally and financially. Traditional medical doctors always provided short term fixes, but no long term solutions. It came to a point when I just wanted a real solution to rid me of all my ailments.

Then, after another bout of flu, a colleague introduced me to Doctor Parviz. I usually am skeptical about alternative medicine, but I was desperate and was truly willing to try it out if it meant finally getting better.

I was afraid at first, but Dr. Parviz made me feel comfortable, relaxed, which was enough to help me share all feelings that was ailing me. Dr. Parviz was very insightful to the point of scary because he read things about my body, mind and heart. He told me things I never heard from my doctors. I also appreciate the fact that he insisted on me following all his instructions to the tee, not in the scolding parent manner, but rather in a caring tone that encouraged me to do so.

And I did follow Dr. Parviz’s lifestyle change program: a strict diet, natural supplements and stress management. It’s been 3-months and I feel subtle yet tremendous improvements in my body, mind and heart. It has been a difficult journey, but everything is worth it when you have a supportive well-being partner by your side. Truly, Dr. Parviz is a doctor who cares about his patients’ well-being: physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.


I really, really do appreciate all the assistance you have given me. I am working on letting go of all the stress completely 🙂 Cheers,



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