Genital Warts

In general, warts are considered as a type of benign skin tumour. The cause is viral and for this reason, many of them are contagious. The worst are the Genial ones since some of them are related to cervical cancer in women. They spread through sexual contacts, especially the unprotected ones.


Due to its viral essence, there is no permanent cure in conventional approach for them. Some medications might be used to delay or postpone the viral replication, but it works only by reducing the rate of viral cell division or multiplication in them and not by eradicating them completely. Such medications do also carry large negative risks since they could affect other normal cells in our body which must go through their normal replications. Other established therapies for warts include freezing them with liquid nitrogen and zapping or burning them using laser beams. They are additional treatments to the previous surgical removal. However, they do not stop the viruses from coming back at all!


As an alternative medical practitioner, I see occasionally women who come in with major anger which turns into tears, depression and disappointment when they are told about their positive pap smear for papillomavirus. The gynaecologist tells them that it is (most probably) a result of the husband’s unfaithfulness extramarital sexual relationship (intercourse). This is very heartbreaking to the ladies since it not only shatters all their trust and hope they had to their marriage, but also it brings fear of cancer in future in them as the doctors explain about the virus. This is a very difficult emotional and mental trauma. But what is worse is the fear of potential cancer that the gynaecologist puts in their mind! It can now be resolved easily and to a large extent.

The Good News

In the non-conventional or the alternate approach in medicine, there are other solutions offered to such problems. One of them is the use of specific selections of natural medicines which will work on different aspects of a condition and also, the utilization of harmless but very effective radio or sound waves which are designed based on the “Resonance frequency” of a target. It works by hyper-energizing the targeted microbes to the point of complete destruction.                                                                                                                                                                   Royal R. Rife, a professor in physics and a bacteriologist discovered that and his invention, the rife machine was built with high efficacy to not only get rid of pathogenic microbes, but also to deal with other health problems such as cancer. This technology was proven to the AMA (the American Medical Association) in the 1930’s. Don’t ask me why every medical office is not equipped with such amazing technologies today (the answers to this are available online). But all you need to know is that it is a painless solution in resolving warts in many people (whether genital of others). The results are outstanding. But we cannot guarantee the same result for everyone though. Medicine is like life and as life does not have the guarantee, the same is for medicine. The guarantee is that these techniques will never create any adverse effect and there is no pain and no hassle. If for any reason such as a mutation, the nature of the targeted pathogen is changed, its frequencies are changed now and that means the established frequency programs might not be sufficient enough for a total elimination. That is all.


Parviz Rashvand, ND, Ph.D                                                                                                          Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine                                                      

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