back pain

The issue with the back pain is bothering many people in our society for mostly lack of physical movements. In fact, many back problems are related to chronic misuse and overuse of the back muscles and spinal column. A sedentary lifestyle, obesity (specially having large tummy), scoliosis, multiple pregnancies, lifting heavy objects, excessive gym and picking up heavy lifts for faster muscle building (causing repeated damages to the discs and the spinal strictures), pelvic inflammatory diseases, nutritional deficiencies, wrong diet, history of physical trauma to the back and neck, wrong sitting and sleeping positions, standing for too long, and emotional predisposition are some of the possible sources to consider when it comes to the treatment of the back pain. Physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy all help but sometimes not enough to resolve the source of the problem! In my medical practice, I use a technique called “dry needling” and I incorporate the therapy with a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy machine which is a Nicola Tesla invention to stimulate regeneration. In the meantime, I work on enhancing the healing abilities in people by supporting the normal function of the body. The results are very promising but of course, these are not therapies someone could do at home. For that, I am providing the small article below. I hope it helps:

  1. Nutrition: 
  • to reduce consumption of excessive red meat due to excessive uric acid production and sugar (inflammation in susceptible people)
  • Fresh dark-green leafy vegetables are loaded with magnesium and other important minerals which are essential for regeneration and alkalizing the body. But they have to be consumed as a single and separate meal.
  • Fresh or dried raw nuts to supply the essential fat for regeneration
  • Fresh fruits (but not America produced fruits since the American food industry uses about 8000 chemicals in their food and fruit production and they mainly contain GMO)
  • Calcium, Magnesium supplements (2:1), EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) with Vitamin C and Silica
  1. Herbal Remedies (locally and/ or orally)
  • Hot, moist herbal packs on the painful area to increase circulation
  • Chamomile and Horsetail extract
  • Burdock can help with the pain
  • St. John’s Wort, borage and lemon balm or Valerian for muscle tension due to emotional stress
  • Fresh yarrow juice is excellent for strengthening back muscles
  • Black mustard seed and cinnamon crush for generating local heat of applied as a pack on the painful area
  1. External physical therapies (for this, the diagnosis of the cause of the back pain is essential):
  • For less severe pain, apply local heat compress but for acute injuries in the first night or so, only cold pack!
  • Gentle back stretching and exercise (mainly pulling the muscles)
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • Swimming but better in the sea water due to its magnesium and salt content (as opposed to a swimming pool, which by itself is better than nothing!)
  • Keeping a proper posture
  • Regular conscious walking when the weather is appropriate. Walking with a book on the head at home will help re-balancing your head and spine position
  • Avoiding high heels
  • Dancing is excellent for back pain and to control excessive weight. And since it involves all the muscles of the body, it a great body tuning technique!
  • Sleeping on a bed which is not too soft. The best sleep position on the back with no or a small pillow. If sleeping on the side, put a small pillow in between your knees.
  1. Massage if done regularly is always a good idea to release the tensions in the back
  2. Reflexology and other natural modalities such as homoeopathy and acupuncture could help too but they must be done by professionals.

Please let me know it this was helpful. In case of any question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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Genital Warts

In general, warts are considered as a type of benign skin tumour. The cause is viral and for this reason, many of them are contagious. The worst are the Genial ones since some of them are related to cervical cancer in women. They spread through sexual contacts, especially the unprotected ones.


Due to its viral essence, there is no permanent cure in conventional approach for them. Some medications might be used to delay or postpone the viral replication, but it works only by reducing the rate of viral cell division or multiplication in them and not by eradicating them completely. Such medications do also carry large negative risks since they could affect other normal cells in our body which must go through their normal replications. Other established therapies for warts include freezing them with liquid nitrogen and zapping or burning them using laser beams. They are additional treatments to the previous surgical removal. However, they do not stop the viruses from coming back at all!


As an alternative medical practitioner, I see occasionally women who come in with major anger which turns into tears, depression and disappointment when they are told about their positive pap smear for papillomavirus. The gynaecologist tells them that it is (most probably) a result of the husband’s unfaithfulness extramarital sexual relationship (intercourse). This is very heartbreaking to the ladies since it not only shatters all their trust and hope they had to their marriage, but also it brings fear of cancer in future in them as the doctors explain about the virus. This is a very difficult emotional and mental trauma. But what is worse is the fear of potential cancer that the gynaecologist puts in their mind! It can now be resolved easily and to a large extent.

The Good News

In the non-conventional or the alternate approach in medicine, there are other solutions offered to such problems. One of them is the use of specific selections of natural medicines which will work on different aspects of a condition and also, the utilization of harmless but very effective radio or sound waves which are designed based on the “Resonance frequency” of a target. It works by hyper-energizing the targeted microbes to the point of complete destruction.                                                                                                                                                                   Royal R. Rife, a professor in physics and a bacteriologist discovered that and his invention, the rife machine was built with high efficacy to not only get rid of pathogenic microbes, but also to deal with other health problems such as cancer. This technology was proven to the AMA (the American Medical Association) in the 1930’s. Don’t ask me why every medical office is not equipped with such amazing technologies today (the answers to this are available online). But all you need to know is that it is a painless solution in resolving warts in many people (whether genital of others). The results are outstanding. But we cannot guarantee the same result for everyone though. Medicine is like life and as life does not have the guarantee, the same is for medicine. The guarantee is that these techniques will never create any adverse effect and there is no pain and no hassle. If for any reason such as a mutation, the nature of the targeted pathogen is changed, its frequencies are changed now and that means the established frequency programs might not be sufficient enough for a total elimination. That is all.


Parviz Rashvand, ND, Ph.D                                                                                                          Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine                                                      

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Getting Rid of Warts Naturally


Dr. Parviz Rashvand N.D. discussing how you can get rid of your warts naturally, even in the sensitive area. With this approach, there is a high probability that this condition will not re-occur. Safe, effective and definitely no pain. Get in touch with us at 04 3485452.

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Spinal Disc Degeneration/Dislocation and Natural Treatment/Healing

Amazing therapy for relieving pain and discomfort due to a disc problem in the back

100% Safe with No Side-effect

 Disc Degeneration (vertebrae, back bones), Disc Dislocation and the Naturopathic Treatment/Healing

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Localized nagging or sudden sharp pain in the back
  • Numbness in hands and fingers
  • Pain in the wrist areaspinalcordinjury
  • Lack of power with fingers to grab and hold things
  • Tingling sensation of the fingers, handsand toes
  • Shooting pain tothe chest area along the ribs
  • Shooting pain to the leg(s)

Cause(s) mainly chronic:

  • Long-term wrong posture
  • Chronic back, neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Heavy lift at gym
  • In some cases, metastatic carcinoma
  • Accidents (acute)
  • etc…

Conventional Treatment: Surgery

Alternative/ Naturopathic treatment: Non-Surgical, using a combination of:

  1. Muscular Retuning and Spasm Relief to alleviate the excessive pull or push from the vertebral bodies (thin needles are used)
  2. Anabolic nutritional Supplements to stimulate healing and tissue rebuilding
  3. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy for rejuvenating the cells and enhancing their electrical power for a faster and more reliable recovery

 Prevention and Maintenance requires gentle andregular stretching exercise to keep the back muscles and joints flexible.

Duration of the Treatment:

  • Minimum of 2 weeks with 3 treatments a week (one every other day except Fridays) to have enough time for the regeneration and rebuilding to take place


  • Highly Satisfactory, no surgery required unless the disc is totally calcified or gone!
  • Pain and numbness will disappear quickly and permanently.


Spinal column is the most important structure of the body. Everything else is built upon that. There are 33 pieces of bones which are positioned on the top of each other in a balanced mode. Except the last 5 which are fused, they are separated from each otherwith a layer of cartilage. This is to give the cushion quality to the back bones and to make it possible to move on each other for side-turning and twisting the upper body.

The position of these bones on the top of each other should be in a balance manner, like the position of the wheels of a vehicle completely parallel in respect to each other. Imagine if one of the wheels is twisted or tilted slightly inward or outward. What will happen then to the tires and later on to the front of the car and to the quality of the driving ultimately?

The nerves roots exiting the spinal cord at the side of each vertebra act as electrical wires, sending an appropriate signal to the organ ahead to dictate how to function, fast or slow. This is called “Homeostasis”. Health is the state of balance and the body needs the neural pathway to conduct the messages from the brain or spinal cord to the rest of the body.

During the degeneration of vertebral discs, there will be excessive pressure on the nerve roots around the spine. The pain will travel along the nerve and could be felt throughout the limb, especially around the end. This is diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Paresthesia of the fingers/ hands or Sciatica and so on.

Surgery should be the very last option if nothing else works since it could cause additional scars and other related long term problems.


Dr Parviz Rashvand, ND


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A 21st Century approach to treat MIGRAINE Headache



Migraine Headache is s specific form of headache which results when the circulation to the brain is compromised. It could be sudden and severe and could last up to days. The most prominent quality of migraine is the throbbing sensation of the pain.

The causes of migraine vary from food allergies to stress and hormonal imbalances. But 2 most important factors in migraine are the state of toxicity of the blood and the postural imbalances, especially around the neck, upper shoulders and the base of the skull.

A successful therapy for migraine should consist:

  1. The recognition and therefore the elimination of food sensitivities/ intolerances and allergies. This is easily done by using a Quantum Biofeedback device such as Indigo.
  2. Cleansing the liver, blood and body fluid/ environment of the body from toxic load (by using specially designed natural medicine and individualized dietary advice.
  3. Physical alignment of the neck and shoulder structure by resetting the tone of the muscles of neck and shoulder out of long-term spasm,allowing healing of the tissues around. A Tesla Pulsed Electro-magnetic therapy machine is also used to accelerate the healing.

There is a very large chance of full recovery (above 90%) unless people do not stay responsible to their health.

No more migraine headache!!!

Non-invasive techniques with no additional side effect!

Dr Parviz Rashvand, ND

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Pain is the body’s mechanism for alerting the conscious mind of a problem. It could be acute (sympathetic) or chronic. The latter is the way for the body to show that it is not happy with something. In Chinese medicine diagnosis, pain is the result of stagnation of energy when the energy flow is compromised and it could be due to excess (worse with pressure) or deficiency (better with pressure). It could also be acidic or alkaline!

Pain could be as a result of an organ malfunction at the physical level or could be created by mind of the person affecting the organs or the body parts. Whatever the pain is, to cure, it is crucial to understand the origin of it.

Taking painkillers might help temporarily but it can never address the origin of the pain. Painkillers at the same time carry side effects including bleeding of the stomach and gut, toxicity of the liver or even addiction.

Pain 2

To treat pain, it is important to bring the body’s structure and function back to normal. Structural alignments such as PIDDDS relieve excessive pressure on the nerve roots allowing a better circulation of the blood and fluid within the tissue.

To adjust biochemistry of the pain, Quantum technology such as INDIGO EPFX could do wonder is revealing what needs to be fixed. The area to look for include toxicity of the body fluid and blood, energy stagnation within the meridians and organs, blockages in the aura and chakra system, food allergies and sensitivities, emotional blockages and unresolved mental factors. Nutritional deficiencies such as depletion of magnesium, as well as many forms of vitamin deficiencies (i.e. the group if B vitamins) could also have a great deal with persistent pain.

When blockages happen at the vital body where the blueprint of the vital body dictates the organ function and the emotional integrity, pain can easily manifest onto the physical body through wrong energy effects. This is where techniques such as acupuncture, homeopathy and quantum biofeedback could become handy

The newest technology of all for treatment of pain is the use of Plasma energy. Discovered by a highly gifted nuclear physicist, plasma energy has the ability to rectify the imbalances in the structure, as well as the emotion of the human to create balance. Health is the state of balance.

Plasma Pain Pen is one of the newest pain treatment devices which we no side effect, it helps releasing the original cause of the pain if it is localized. It is highly suitable for all the ages especially children to help with the local pain. Unless the underlying tissue has massive complication, the efficacy of the pain treatment by using the Plasma Pain Pen is very high with mostly permanent result if used repeatedly.

Dr Parviz Rashvand, ND

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What are cancer cells and were they come from?

Breast cancer prevention


Certainly not from the space. They are our own cells but somehow turning into cancer cells, kicking and hurting other tissues cells. The question is what is making our normal cells to become cancer cells? It is the environment! Don’t you agree?

So something changes in the environment of the body which results in supporting cancer creation. It could be (bio) chemical, acidity (pH), contaminations (plastic, etc), radiation (cell phone), unresolved mental/ emotional factors, or others.

Therefore, if the environment changes in a way it couldn’t support the cancer(in the favor of health), so the cancer should stop.

What alkaline diet, supplements, stress reduction, meditation, heavy metal or and other forms of detox, meditation and others do is just to change the environment ultimately. For instance, when you are not stressed, your pH is less acidic.

Some cancer treatments are designed to kill everything including the cancer cells. This sounds like chemo therapy or radiation. Some others kill only the cancer cells whereas some target the bugs causing the normal cells to become cancer cells. Professor Royal R. Rife did that and he had such a massive success early in the 1930’s.

Now with the help of the new science of Nano technology, it is possible to alter the body environment by affecting it through the gravitational and magnetic forces. Nothings will be felt by the client.

When the environment is changed (at the physical, mental, emotional and other levels), the tumour could no longer act as cancer and will fall apart.

Dr. Parviz Rashvand ND

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Can neurological accidents or diseases such as CVA or stroke be reversed?

Do you know of a loved one who is suffering from the symptoms of stroke?Scalp Acupuncture

I lost my own father after a massive stroke which happened to him at the age of 70. In 6 years after that, he deteriorated more and more to the level of vegetation life just before he passed on. It was a heart breaking and difficult experience for the entire family watching their loved one melted away little by little and at that time,there was nothing moreI could do to stop that even though I was a Naturopathic doctor knowing acupuncture and natural remedies. I always thought about what I was missing to stop that or even reverse his condition!

Until sometime in January 2015 when I met a Chinese doctor,Dr Jason Haoin a conference in Dubai. Dr Jason was a pioneer in Chinese Medicine in the US about 30 years ago. He in his presentation showed how he and his teacher discovered that through some special points on the scalp, it is actually possible to have access to various parts of the brain through special techniques. This was not acupuncture though because it worked on other ways than energy meridians.

He later on thought me his technique of scalp acupuncture to help people with neurological accidents. This method is effective on not only stroke patients but others with advanced MS, different paralysis, dysphasia, some cases of spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, motor neuron dysfunctions and diseases, phantom pain, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and so much more!

The technique is not too complicated and most of the time, it brings magical results depending on the severity of the degeneration,

Dr, Parviz Rashvand ND


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Human body contains every form of energy which exists out there in the universe including the subtle, magnetic and electrical forces and so on. The energy field of a human body is another version of the same person since it reflects the quality of the functions in that specific individual. This means that the information about any and every function of the body exists in the energy fields of that person! For instance when you are angry, sad, worry or happy, the parameters of the fields of energy varies very specifically to express the real feeling deep inside, even if the person tries to hide his emotions at that time! We see similar reaction in the biochemistry of the body too!

The medical use of the science of Quantum Mechanics in physics is a 21st century tool helping trained physicians to understand the functions of the human body in a deeper and more meaningful way. It is therefore easily possible to determine the food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances without hurting the client at the time of the testing. No needling or no blood is required!

At the same time, it is fast, accurate and profound. Additionally, it gives the idea to understand the cause of the imbalances in that individual so it could be treated more efficiently!

This method of testing is absolutely non-invasive and very accurate with no adverse effect and it is suitable for infants, babies, children, pregnant women and everyone else.

It is like letting the body talk!!! What could be more interesting and reliable than that.

Dr Parviz Rashvand

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Cancer Support Therapy

Parviz Cancer Support

What is cancer and how it can be helped through alternative therapies

  1. Cancer cells are our cells but acting differently, away from the normal balance of the body due to some stimuli which have affected the environment of the body. What is needed to be done is to change the environment of the body so the cancer cells stop acting the way they are! The environment of the body is affected by diet, toxins, medications, microbial activities and so on, most importantly by the emotions (mainly subconscious). The emotions and feelings are reflected through the magnetic and electrical energy of the body and they can be measured by assessing the frequencies of the energy signals emitted by the body. This is not difficult to understand. EEG and ECG and EMG and so on, all work based on the assessment of the electrical signals of the body, in these cases, the brain, the heart and the muscles respectively! If the field of energy is changed, the behavior of cells is changed too!
  2. Cancer cells consume as much energy as the body can provide and they live on sugar for fermentation. So increasing the total energy production of the cells (cellular ATP) and supplying large amount of oxygen, as well as slowing down the fermentation process in the cells work against cancer.
  3. Cancer requires acidic environment to thrive. So making the body alkaline which is a requirement of health is also against cancer growth.
  4. In TCM, the Traditional Chinese Medicine, when energy circulation within and around the body is sluggish and stagnated, it predisposes the body to the formation of tumor-type structures since blood and fluid stagnation follows the energy blockage. So supporting the energy flow and reducing stagnation is another key idea to prevent or reverse cancer growth and development.
  5. Chronic stress in any form, whether mental, emotional, spiritual or physical is highly in favor of cancer since it is acidifying, it causes blockages in the energy flow and it deprives body from sufficient nutrients and energy production. So it promotes degeneration and breakage of body tissues and cells. Therefore, it accelerates the progression of cancer.

These are some of the areas we consider in supporting natural therapies for cancer. 

Dr Parviz Rashvand, ND


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